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Georgia DUI Blog

Understanding Georgia's Implied Consent Law

Did you know you have already given your consent to having your blood alcohol content tested? When you signed your Georgia driver's license, you agreed to allow law enforcement to test your ...
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Challenging Your DUI Charges

When facing charges for a DUI hiring an experienced and skilled DUI defense attorney ought to be your first repose. At The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson our team has years of experience helping ...
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Cinco de Mayo: Watch Out for DUI

For the first time in five years, Cinco de Mayo falls on a weekend. This means that police officers are going to be out on patrol looking to pull over anyone that might have been celebrating with too ...
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DUI - Drug Arrest in Alpharetta

DUI arrests are not always alcohol related. At the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson we have seen a growing number of drug related DUI arrests in the north Fulton suburbs of Alpharetta and Roswell, GA. ...
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Another Celebrity Arrest

Actress Amanda Bynes was arrested recently for driving under the influence in California. The incident stemmed from when she caused a minor car accident involving a police officer. She was arrested ...
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Marijuana Cases

While many parts of the country have legalized marijuana, marijuana remains illegal in Georgia. For small amounts of marijuana (less than one ounce), the charge is a misdemeanor. For amounts of ...
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Repeat Offenders

If you are a repeat DUI offender, you are facing very tough penalties including, months of jail time, years on probation, and hundreds of hours of community service. Sometimes, people feel that is ...
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North Georgia DUI Lawyers

DUI arrests are up throughout the state of Georgia and in the north Georgia counties of White, Dawson, and Lumpkin. In addition to local state and county police officers from the City of Cleveland, ...
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Atlanta Court Denies Bond for DUI Driver Charged with Death of Atlanta Police Officer

A DeKalb County woman is charged with DUI and vehicular homicide for the death last month of beloved Atlanta police officer Gail Thomas. Thomas, a 15 year veteran of the Atlanta police force, was ...
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Drug Court Judge Resigns

Judge Amanda Williams presided as a Superior Court Judge in Brunswick, GA. In November 2011, she announced her resignation as Judge effective early 2012. An ethics investigation was launced against ...
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Atlanta Principal Charged with DUI; Hit and Run

In the early morning areas of December 21, an Atlanta area Assitant Principal was arrested by a DUI officer with the Georgia State Troopers for driving under the influence ( DUI ), hit and run, ...
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Judge Gets Reprimand for his DUI

The Judicial Qualifications Commission, the Georgia state agency that supervises judges conduct, has issued a reprimand, of which the details have not been made public, to a DUI/traffic Judge that ...
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Fulton County Christmas DUI Arrests

Be very careful on the roads of Fulton County GA this holiday season. Fulton County officers ( including the cities of Atlanta, Roswell, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, College Park, etc. ) crack down during ...
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More High Profile DUI Arrests

Atlanta / Fulton County DUI officers are zealous in their pursuit of DUI drivers. They make thousands of arrests each year. Fulton County courts take in thousands of dollars as a result of the fines ...
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Atlanta Area Officer Charged With DUI

A Gwinnett County officer was arrested and charged with DUI last week following a 3 car motor vehicle accident. The Gwinnett Sheriff's Deputy, Douglas Mattox, who has been with the County since ...
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Actor Griffin O'Neal Arrested for DUI - Drugs

Last Thursday, Griffin O'Neal entered a plea of not guilty to drug related DUI charges as well as possession of cocaine and firearm charges in a California court. Griffin, 46 years old, is the ...
Continue reading "Actor Griffin O'Neal Arrested for DUI - Drugs" »

UGA football player arrested for DUI outside of Athens, GA

Outside of Athens, GA early Sunday morning, University of Georgia ( UGA ) football player Cornelius Washington was arrested for driving under the influence ( DUI ) charges. Washington was stopped by a ...
Continue reading "UGA football player arrested for DUI outside of Athens, GA" »

Trial Prep

Going to trial can be daunting. However, a DUI trial is often needed as Atlanta DUI prosecuting attorneys are unable and unwilling to reduce or dimiss DUI charges - even in cases when the DUI arrest ...
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City of Atlanta DUI Trials

Have you been charged with an Atlanta DUI? If yes, you are not alone. City of Atlanta police officers, as well as Georgia State Troopers, charge thousands with Atlanta DUI offenses each year. In most ...
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Fulton County DUI Trials

Fulton County State Court is the jury trial court for Fulton County, GA misdemeanor offenses. So if you find yourself charged with a DUI by a state trooper, city of Atlanta police officer, or any ...
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What is a DUI Motion to Suppress?

In Decatur, GA in DeKalb County, DUI prosecuting attorneys are tough on DUI. Many of those charged with DUI are under the mistaken assumption that it is easy to get a DUI charge reduced to Reckless ...
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18 year old singer arrested for DUI

18 year old vocalist Shelby Copra, lead singer of the Disney girl group KSM, was arrested recently for DUI - drunk driving charges. KSM was formed as a Go-Go's cover band for a new teen audience, ...
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Actress sentenced after DUI nolo plea

33 year old actress Jaime Pressly, perhaps best known for her role in the television series "My Name is Earl" entered a plea of "no contest" to charges of driving under the ...
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Hines Ward DUI in DeKalb County

Hines Ward was arrested for DUI early Saturday morning, July 9, 2011, in DeKalb County Georgia. Ward is a receiver for the professional football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and formerly played ...
Continue reading "Hines Ward DUI in DeKalb County" »

Johns Creek DUI Arrests

Law enforcement officers in Johns Creek Georgia make many DUI arrests each month. Johns Creek prosecuting attorneys and judges are tough on seeking DUI convictions. But just because you were charged ...
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