Georgia Man Receives DUI After Fatally Hitting Wife with Car  

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A South Georgia woman named Janet Boozer, 61, died last month after being struck by a vehicle that, according to authorities, was driven by her husband. An autopsy was performed, but no information from it was available to release. Boozer's husband, Craig Lamar Boozer, 56, was charged with DUI and has been released on bond. The investigation is still underway.

As a Georgia DUI Attorney, I know that these incredibly tragic events are often preventable. It is never okay to get behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated. However, I also know that many innocent people are wrongly accused of DUI in Georgia. In today's post, I'm going to be discussing the best way to pick your DUI lawyer.

Choosing a DUI Lawyer in Georgia

After you have been arrested and charged with a DUI, choosing the right lawyer for your case can be frustrating, confusing, and complicated. This is especially true for those whose DUI charge is their first brush with the law. The most important part of choosing the right attorney is selecting someone who has been specially trained in the latest DUI defense strategies. While many lawyers will take DUI cases, that does not mean they are fully equipped to handle them.

You should be wary of general practitioners if you have a serious DUI case, such as if you are a repeat offender or if you have injured someone in connection with your accused DUI. The law involved and the tactics used will be different when these additional elements are incorporated.

 Though many lawyers may have some cursory background knowledge of DUI law, they do not have the reputation or experience of a specialized DUI lawyer. A DUI lawyer's experience is invaluable not only because they will have a good reputation in the field, but also because they know the main characters in your case – the judges, prosecutors, probation officers, etc. You want an attorney who knows the system backward and forward and will be someone of trust and credibility to best present your case.   

Your DUI lawyer should also know not only the law surrounding DUIs in Georgia but know the likely strategies of the prosecutors, claims against prosecutors, and strategic moves that will get you the most favorable result. Your attorney must be able to effectively communicate with you about all of these things as well as the options you have as you face your charge – such as whether to take a plea or go all the way to trial. It is important to make informed decisions, and a proper DUI lawyer will be happy to assist you in the process.

Practice Note

While I am now a Georgia DUI Defense Lawyer, I was trained by the same people who are prosecuting the case against you and have more than 20 years of experience. At the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson, DUI and related offenses are our specialties. We are devoted to DUI defense and work every day to protect the rights of our clients. Contact our office 24 hours a day, seven days a week.   

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