Fighting Your Out-of-State DUI

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You're on vacation in Georgia, enjoying the scenes, sights, and attractions the state has to offer. On your way home from enjoying a vacation, you are pulled over for suspected DUI. Nothing can ruin the fun and good times of your trip, like a criminal charge while out-of-state.

If you are from outside of the State of Georgia and were arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs while in the state, an experienced Georgia DUI defense attorney can defend your case and protect your constitutional rights.

Which States' Law's Will Apply?

If you are arrested for DUI in the State of Georgia, Georgia DUI laws will apply to your arrest. It does not matter for law application purposes that you are not from this state. This includes Georgia:

Trying to Drive Home

If you are arrested in Georgia for DUI, your right to drive in Georgia will be automatically suspended for 30 days after your arrest. This means that you will be unable to drive home to get out of Georgia. However, if you fail to challenge the automatic suspension within the 30 day period, your license will be suspended for an entire year.

Will this affect me in my home state?

Many states have enacted DUI laws that look very similar to that of the rest of the country. This means that a suspension of your license in Georgia may result in a suspension of your license in your home state. This also means that you may have to get your license back in Georgia before you can get it back at home.

Picking an Attorney: From Home or Georgia?

There are several important reasons that you should choose a local Georgia DUI defense attorney to defend your case.

  • Knowledge of Georgia DUI laws: The best way to fight a DUI charge is with an attorney with years of experience fighting DUI Georgia cases.
  • Awareness of DUI Alternatives: A Georgia DUI lawyer is familiar with what types of pleas may be accepted, DUI and Drug courts, and community service opportunities.
  • Appearance in Georgia Courts: When you are arrested in this state, courts will generally require you to appear in person at every hearing, and the trial. This could result in high costs to fly or drive back to the state and be a serious inconvenience. With a Georgia DUI attorney, you may be able to remain at home while your attorney handles your legal issues. This means you will have to travel much less, or not at all.

Consult a Georgia DUI Defense Attorney

No matter what your home state may be, a DUI arrest while in Georgia will have serious effects on your life, your ability to drive, and your freedoms. A criminal history can affect the rest of your life, and an arrest should not be taken lightly.

With the help of an experienced Georgia DUI defense attorney, you can feel confident that your case is handled correctly and your rights are protected. Contact us today.

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