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Arrested for driving under the influence?

If you've been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you probably have a lot of questions: Do I need an attorney? Will I lose my license? What about a plea bargain? These are real questions with legitimate answers. At the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson, we are whole-heartedly devoted to helping people just like you. Whether you're facing your first allegation or you've been convicted before, an attorney from our firm is ready to help you get the legal assistance you need to keep you driver's license and keep you out of jail.

In a small town like Blue Ridge, it may be difficult to escape the stigma of an DUI conviction on your record. Just because police suspect you for DUI doesn't mean you're guilty – and arrest and a conviction are not the same thing. At the firm, we understand the stress, uncertainty and frustration of a DUI arrest. Not only is your freedom at stake, but your driving privileges and your reputation, too. Even if the evidence against you seems overwhelming, don't give up. The attorneys from our firm are highly skilled in DUI defense and ready to aggressively fight for you rights in court.

Plea Bargains in Georgia

In Georgia, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious offense. If the prosecution has a convincing case established against you, taking a plea bargain may be your best option. What is a plea bargain, exactly? A plea bargain is a negotiation made between the defense and prosecution. If you plead guilty, the prosecuting attorney may decide to decrease the charges brought against you. In the past, our lawyers have negotiated DUI allegations down to reckless driving offenses. Although reckless driving is a traffic offense, the repercussions of a conviction are far less severe as those brought about by a DUI.

Do you really need a lawyer to negotiate a plea bargain? On the one hand, it may seem unnecessary for an attorney to help you plead guilty – you could do that alone, right? Actually, having a reputable attorney by your side during the plea bargain process can be invaluable for a number of reasons. For example, the prosecution will assume that you are going to plead guilty if you represent yourself. If they know that you intend to plead guilty, they probably won't offer you a favorable plea bargain or charge reduction. On the other hand, if you hire an aggressive attorney to help you, the prosecution may offer you a more appealing plea bargain.

Help for Out-Of-State Defendants in Blue Ridge

Are you from another state? If you've been arrested in Blue Ridge but aren't from Georgia, the lawyers from the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson can help you in court. Your cases will probably be tried in in the state you were arrested in. Unfortunately, traveling out-of-state for court appearances may be difficult (if not impossible). However, the law permits out-of-state residents to be represented by their lawyers in court. In other words, an attorney from our office may be able to make your court appearances for you. If you have questions about out-of-state DUI, talk to an attorney from the firm to see what we can do for your case.

DUI and Child Endangerment in Georgia

In the state of Georgia, child endangerment and impaired driving are considered separate offences. In many states, if you are arrested for driving under the influence while a child is in the car, you will be charged with DUI child endangerment. In Georgia, each crime is handled separately. You will be tried for intoxicate driving and then child endangerment. Although these offenses are legally separate, your sentences may be amplified if you are convicted of both offenses.

Over the past 20 years, attorneys from our firm have resolved more than 4,900 DUI cases throughout the state of Georgia. We are proud of our reputation as an aggressive and enthusiastic law firm and are confident that this reputation precedes us to the courtroom. Whether you're facing your third DUI conviction, an ALS hearing or another DUI-related legal issue, the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson is ready to help. You may not feel like your case is worth taking to trial – don't give up! Our team is highly skilled din plea bargain negotiations, too. Call our office today for a free case evaluation to see how an attorney from the firm can help you.

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