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Are you facing the consequences of a DUI charge? Your actions immediately after the arrest can impact the outcome of your case. The first thing you must do is contact a Georgia DUI lawyer from our firm, The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson, where you have the benefit of having a former DUI prosecutor fighting for you. Our founding attorney, Richard S. Lawson, formerly served the State of Georgia as an Assistant District Attorney and DUI prosecutor, and his insight into the strategies and process of defending a DUI charge is extensive. When he left the prosecutor's office, he established his DUI defense practice, and since that time, the firm has gained the reputation as one of the top DUI defense firms in the State of Georgia.

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Our firm is focused solely on DUI defense - this is not a sideline, or one of many practice areas. When you are searching for a DUI defense lawyer that truly knows the system, you want to call our firm. With knowledge and experienced gained serving on "the other side," you can be confident that everything possible will be done to fight for you, and your rights and your freedom. The penalties that could be imposed by the courts are extensive, including driver's license suspension, expensive fines, court fees, mandated treatment programs, community service and for more serious cases, such as when there is a prior DUI conviction on your record, the penalties are increased radically. If you are facing a first time DUI charge, or have a prior conviction, you need the best possible DUI defense lawyer fighting for you. We are committed, known for our excellent legal work, and ready to assist you on an immediate basis.

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Why are we the premier DUI defense law firm in Georgia, and why are we able to get such impressive results? We have more experience and knowledge to bring to the table for our clients. Not only is the firm focused only on DUI defense, we have engaged in extensive training that has proven to be of great benefit to our clients. We have many notable victories and have helped over 4,900 clients resolve DUI charges over our years in practice. Mr. Lawson trains other DUI defense lawyers and is a published author on the subject. He has been certified by the NHTSA in field sobriety testing, and is qualified to train law enforcement officers in the administration of these tests, and has been qualified since 2000. There is little doubt that our firm has the qualifications, credentials and court record you need on your side when you are facing DUI charges. Call us immediately after your arrest.

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