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Many people call my office everyday and ask if they need an attorney. They also call every day and ask if a DUI Lawyer in East Ellijay GA can correct the mistakes they have made by representing themselves. Those mistakes include being unnecessarily convicted of the DUI and unnecessary driver's license suspensions that never had to happen. One thing is certain; it is far easier and less expensive to have your attorney represent you from day one. Only a DUI attorney in East Ellijay can protect your rights from day one and save your driver's license and protect your freedom.

Richard Lawson is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The attorney is a former DUI prosecutor who is trained by the same people prosecuting your DUI case. For over 20 years he has been defending driver's accused of driving under the influence or alcohol, drugs, marijuana, prescription drugs, and combinations of all of the above. Never assume you are guilty just because you are charged with DUI in East Ellijay.

Your Defense Begins Here

Defense in any case starts with the investigation of the case. The purpose of the investigation is to challenge the assumptions made by the East Ellijay Police Officer. There are many potential conditions that can mimic impairment such as physical handicap, illness, fever, prior head injuries, concussion, being dazed and confused after being in a wreck, diabetes, low blood sugar, high blood sugar, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, and other medical conditions.

Also, many legally prescribed medications can cause a person to appear impaired when they are not. False arrest for prescription drug DUI has become very common through the State of Georgia. Police officers are not trained to detect whether a person is truly impaired by a person's legally prescribed medications. Police offices do not have medical training. As a result, DUI Prescription Drugs has become more and more common with our aging population. Your lawyer will be able to hire experts and doctors to determine whether you were actually impaired by prescription medications legally prescribed.

A legal representative can also challenge the field sobriety evidence that will be used against you at your trial. Field sobriety tests are designed to be failed. Their scoring is completely subjective and the results are almost always exaggerated. If you choose to work with the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson, the same people who trained the police officers that arrested you have trained the attorney who would be workign on your case. As a former DUI prosecutor, Richard Lawson was trained as a field sobriety testing instructor. He is qualified to teach police officers how to perform field sobriety testing and can use his knowledge to critique the testing done in your case.

No DUI case in East Ellijay GA is hopeless. There are countless potential defenses and alternative punishments in cases without defenses. A DUI lawyer in East Ellijay is trained to look for all possible alternatives and DUI Defenses. Do not trust your fate to a general practitioner. Your DUI Case is East Ellijay is very important. Trust the DUI only lawyer. Contact Richard Lawson today to protect your rights. Call 24/7 to protect your rights, the driver's license, and your freedom.

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