Arrested for a Third DUI in Georgia?

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Georgia DUI with two prior charges?

A third DUI charge can have extremely serious consequences to you, your family and your freedom. The penalties imposed by the court can be extensive. You could have up to 12 month in jail, as well as a 5 year suspended license. Your conviction will be exposed as a news item in your local paper, which can heavily impact your personal and professional reputation. There will be a required 30 days minimum of community service, and your fines could range as high as $5,000. You will be required to complete an alcohol treatment program, or may be asked to have a clinical evaluation regarding alcoholism or alcohol addiction. It is crucial that you contact a Georgia DUI attorney from our firm without delay if you have been arrested for DUI and have 2 prior convictions on your criminal record.

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Our founding attorney, Richard S. Lawson, is a former DUI prosecutor and has great insight into the criminal justice process in DUI cases. With 20+ years of experience and impressive credentials and a track record of success, we feel that we are the most qualified law firm to assist those in Georgia who are facing a 3rd DUI charge. We have resolved over 46,000 DUI cases, and our firm is exclusively involved in DUI defense. Many law firms have a range of practice. We don't.

We focus on the issues surrounding DUI defense, and have developed powerful resources to call upon to support our cases when this could be beneficial. These include doctors, former law enforcement officers, and other professionals that could be of use in defending a 3rd DUI offense. When you need a true legal professional that is committed to pursuing a favorable case outcome for you, get in touch with our firm. We stand prepared to help you throughout the entire legal process, and will do all possible to reduce the damage.

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