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Prior DUI convictions can affect your case if you are arrested for a second, third, or fourth offense. State lawmakers have increased the penalties for those considered “habitual offenders." The time spent in jail increases, as well as the length of time your license will be suspended. A fourth DUI conviction is charged as a felony offense and if convicted you will be faced with the problems that any convicted felon deals with: difficulty getting a job, inability hold certain professional licenses, and even experience trouble finding a place to live. Any DUI charge is serious, but a prior conviction on your record adds a troubling dimension to your case, one that requires the assistance of a skilled DUI defense lawyer.

The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson are backed by a group of dedicated Georgia DUI lawyers with extensive experience in DUI defense, and has handled many cases in which their client had a previous DUI conviction on their record. The attorneys at the firm understand that a prior conviction will enhance the severity of your penalties, and are prepared to work hard in preparing a defense that increases your chances of overcoming your charges to avoid such penalties.

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Before you answer law enforcement's questions, it's important to ensure your rights are protected. Everything you say to police and investigators will be carefully noted, and can be used against you in court. That “friendly” law enforcement officer is gathering evidence against you. Before making any type of statement, first contact a Georgia DUI attorney at the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson. An attorney at our office can advise as to what you should and should not say, as well as provide you with experienced and trusted representation throughout the DUI process.

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