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Richard Lawson started his career as a DUI Prosecutor in Union County. The same people who arrested you for DUI in Union County GA trained him. The first DUI trials he had were in Union County Superior Court, in Union County GA. After prosecuting DUI cases throughout North Georgia, Attorney Richard Lawson decided to devote his career to DUI defense throughout North Georgia. He is North Georgia's "DUI Only Lawyer." Richard Lawson has been defending the rights of those accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs for more than 20 years. It is important to hire an attorney that knows the court system, the judges, and the police officers who arrested you.

That's why you should contact the legal team at the Law Offices of Richard Lawson today. Our team have more than 20 years experience defending difficult cases in Union County and throughout North Georgia. Your best DUI defense in North Georgia begins with Union County DUI Lawyer Richard Lawson. Our office is the top-rated and most reviewed law office in North Georgia. Our reviews can be found on AVVO, Yahoo, and Google. No DUI defense firm is reviewed more or has a higher rating.

DUI Process

Seventeen years ago in July of 1995, Richard Lawson started his career in the Union County District Attorney's Office. Right away, he was given immediate DUI trial experience. He became an expert in Georgia DUI laws and procedures. If you are arrested for DUI in Union County GA, your case will originate in one of two places. If you are arrested within the County limits, outside of the City of Blairsville, you will have your initial arraignment in the Union County Probate Court. If, however, you are arrested inside the City limits of Blairsville, you case will originate in the Blairsville Municipal Court.

When you are arrested in Union County GA, your case will begin in the Probate Court. This does not mean anyone has died. In smaller counties throughout the State of Georgia, the Probate Court also handles the misdemeanor traffic offenses, possession of marijuana and shoplifting. The reason your Union County DUI case will be heard in Probate Court is a matter of population. It makes perfect sense to have one Judge do two jobs in a smaller county. As a result, your case will be arraigned in the Union County Probate Court. However, you can only have a trial by judge (bench trial) or plea bargain in the probate court. In the event you want a jury trial in your Union County DUI Case, your attorney will bind the case over for a jury trial in Union County Superior Court. Hiring a defense lawyer will insure that your case is properly resolved in your favor.

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