Probation Violations and Revocations

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If you have plead guilty or been convicted in a bench or jury trial of a DUI or other crime, you are likely on probation.  While on probation, there are two main ways in which you can violate your probation.  You can have a technical violation of probation or you can commit a new offense.  A technical probation violation is a violation for something like being in arrears on your fines or fees, being behind on your community service, failing a drug screen, or no satisfying some condition of your community service. 

If you commit and are convicted of a new offense while on probation, you have also violated your probation.  If your PO deems that you have violated your probation, you face a probation revocation.  As probation is really a jail or prison sentence that you have been allowed to serve on probation in the alternative, some or all of the time remaining of the probation can be revoked to jail or prison time.  Most folks want to avoid this.  

Georgia attorney Richard Lawson has had great success in getting people reinstated on their current probation.  He regularly contests revocations and has had success in getting clients the best possible outcomes in a probation revocation case - which often include getting people into the best treatment facilities in the state of Georgia.  If you, or a friend or family member, are facing a probation revocation hearing, call Richard Lawson today for a consultation.  You freedom may depend upon it. 

Proudly serving north Georgia, Athens, Macon, and the Atlanta metropolitan area for probation revocations matters.

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