Actress sentenced after DUI nolo plea

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33 year old actress Jaime Pressly, perhaps best known for her role in the television series "My Name is Earl" entered a plea of "no contest" to charges of driving under the influence ( DUI ) in Santa Monica. Last week, the Judge sentenced Ms. Pressly to 3 years probation, alcohol and drugs classes and treatment, and required her to have an ignition interlock device installed in her car.

In Atlanta DUI cases, DUI sentences often include probation, alcohol and drug evaluation and treatment, and ignition interlock devices as well. Probation in Georgia DUI cases can be expensive and burdensome, but to most, it is a welcome alternative to a jail sentence. Typically, probation costs almost $50/month in probation supervision fees alone ( not to mention the additional costs of Georgia DUI school and a DUI substance use evaluation that are required for mostly all Atlanta DUI probation sentences). An ignition interlock is installed in your car and the driver must breath into the device in order to get the car to start. The interlock detects alcohol on the breath and the car will not start if it is positive for alcohol.

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