More High Profile DUI Arrests

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Atlanta / Fulton County DUI officers are zealous in their pursuit of DUI drivers. They make thousands of arrests each year. Fulton County courts take in thousands of dollars as a result of the fines and fees assoicated with these DUI cases. But if have been arrested recently in Fulton County, or anyhwere in Georgia for DUI, you are not alone. It seems that nearly everyday there is a headline for someone getting arreated for DUI. Recently, a former Disney channel star, Mitchel Musso, age 20, was arreated in CA for DUI. Musso is known for his work on "Hannah Montana" as well as being the current star of Disney series "Pair of Kings" and the cartoon voice on the show "Phineas and Ferb." He was pulled over for failing to obey the instructions of an officer directinf traffic. He submitted to a breath tests and blew far over the legal limit. (For a 20 year old in Atlanta, GA, the legal limit would only be a .02). Also recently arrested for DUI was actor Ryan Merriman known for starring in the movie "Final Destination 3." Merriman was arrested in CA for DUI after commiting a red light offense according to reports. ESPN analyst and former professional hockey player Matthew Barnaby was arrsted in NY recently after driving his Porsche recklessly. According to reports, he failed the field sobriety tests and refused to take a breath test. (In Atlanta, failure to take a breath test can lead to a one year suspension of your drivers license with no limited permit.)

Fulton County prosecutors and judges can be all too willing to ignore your rights and give you harsh consequences. Don't let this happen to you. A Fulton County GA DUI can lead to jail time, probation, high fines, and suspension of your drivers license. But all cases can be challenged. Call our Fulton DUI lawyers today for an analysis of your case.

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