Hines Ward DUI in DeKalb County

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Hines Ward was arrested for DUI early Saturday morning, July 9, 2011, in  DeKalb County Georgia.  Ward is a receiver for the professional football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and formerly played football for the University of Georgia.  He currently maintains homes in both Sandy Springs, GA and Pittsburgh. 

Allegedly Ward was returning home from an Atlanta club and was driving near Buford Highway when DeKalb law enforcement noticed that he was not maintaining his lane and was hitting the curb.  Ward's vehicle was stopped and Ward was reportedly cooperative and submitted to a field sobriety evaluation.  However, after being placed under arrest, Ward allegedly  refused to submit to a  breath or blood test to measure his blood alcohol content.  He admitted to the officer to having had a couple of drinks earlier in the evening. 

Ward is now facing a suspension of his Georgia driving privileges and a conviction for DUI.  He has ten days to appeal the suspension of his driving privileges.  He will likely have an arraignment on the DUI charge in a DeKalb County Court within the next few weeks. At arraignment, he can enter a plea of guilty or not guilty to the DUI charges.  His manager released a statement earlier today stating that Mr. Ward was not driving under the influence of alcohol and was not unsafe to drive. 

An arrest for DUI does not mean a conviction.  Contact a skilled DeKalb County DUI lawyer today to discuss your case.  Our attorneys can help you achieve the best possible  outcome in your DeKalb DUI case.   

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