Being pulled over for DUI in Hall County

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In Hall County Georgia, officers frequently pull drivers over in an attempt to charge them with a DUI.  It almost seems like a police state. Keep in mind that officers cannot randomly pull drivers over.  They need to have some reason to question the drivers sobriety.  So you are never really pulled over for DUI; instead, you are pulled over for something like failing to maintain lane, improper turn, no lights, speeding, running a stop sign or traffic light, etc.  Once the officer has you stopped, he or she will ask you a bunch of questions that can seem harassing and rude.  They will usually claim that you smell of alcohol or that your eyes are red.  They will want to know what you have been drinking.  They will then usually ask you to take some field sobriety tests

Many times, the Hall County officers administer these field sobriety tests incorrectly.  They will want to tell you that you failed and then they will read you (at least they are required to by law) an implied consent warning.  This basically tells you that you have to take a blood or breath test unless you want to face an administrative one year suspension of your Georgia driving privileges.  It seems that drivers are caught between a rock and a hard place.  The legal limit for DUI in Georgia is .08.  If you are over this limit, the Georgia officer will charge you with a per se DUI.  Even if you are not this high, or you refuse the test, you can also be charged with a DUI less safe. 

DUIs have rough penalties.  If you are faced with a DUI, call attorney Richard Lawson for free consultation.  Your drivers license may depend on it. 

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