UGA football player arrested for DUI outside of Athens, GA

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Outside of Athens, GA early Sunday morning, University of Georgia ( UGA ) football player Cornelius Washington was arrested for driving under the influence ( DUI ) charges. Washington was stopped by a police officer for speeding, allegedly driving 92 mph in a 55 mph zone. Washington was headed northbound on Highway 441 when he was stopped by the DUI officer. According to reports, Washington told the officer that he had been drinking alcohol, but it was several hours earlier. Washington admitted, per the officer's report, tha the had a couple of shots. Washington was asked by the officer to take a series of field sobriety tests, which included a portable breath test or alco-sensor. According to the report, Washington failed these tests and registered a .12 on the alco-sensor. Washington was arrested for speeding and DUI and transported to the Jackson County jail. He had three passengers in his vehicle including a 20 year old woman who was also arrested for underage consumption of alcohol charges.

Washingston is a 22 year old linebacker for UGA and the only football player to be arrested in 2011. He is a 6 foot 4 junior and UGA Coach Richt stated that Washington will be suspended for at least two games per UGA policy regarding DUI arrests.

In addition to the severe penalities that even a first time DUI offender faces, a UGA student and a UGA athlete faces even more sanctions for DUI. The court case and the potential one year drivers license suspension for a DUI driver are harsh, but the University of Georgia also punishes any student that is charged with a DUI or minor in possession / underage possession of alcohol charge with code of conduct and ethics violations. For Washington, he faces the additional suspensions and ramifications associated with the UGA athletic association and being an athelete.

It is important to remember that a driver is presumed innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. Washington may have many potential DUI defenses available to him. The police reports and video and audio tapes of the stop and arrest may show that Washington appeared fine and not DUI. Breath tests are far from accurate and field sobriety tests are not reliable in many instances as well. Washington, like any Athens driver facing a DUI, should contact an Athens-Clarke County DUI lawyer as soon as possible to get the best DUI results. Athens DUI lawyer Richard Lawson and his team of associated DUI attorneys work hard to get their DUI clients the best possible outcomes. Call Athens-Clarke County DUI attorney Lawson today to discuss your case.

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