18 year old singer arrested for DUI

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18 year old vocalist Shelby Copra, lead singer of the Disney girl group KSM, was arrested recently for DUI - drunk driving charges. KSM was formed as a Go-Go's cover band for a new teen audience, but broke up.

Law enforcement officers pulled Shelby's car over and she allegedely submitted to chemical testing. Reports show that she tested at a .15 blood alcohol level, nearly twice the legal limit in Georgia as well as most other states for a driver over the age of 21. (The arrest was in Van Nuys, CA.). Shelby was arrested for DUI and taken to jail. If this DUI arrest had occured in Atlanta, GA, the legal blood alcohol limit for DUI is a.02 for a driver under the legal drinking age of 21. While the consequences for a Georgia DUI offense are stringent, the punishments are even more severe for cases in which the driver is underage and not legally allowed to consume any alcohol. DUI convictions stay on a Georgia history forever. This is tough for anyone, but especially for young people who may be applying for college and jobs.

Atlanta, GA DUI cases also carry a required drivers license suspension. However, in many cases, for a first time DUI offender, temporary and limited driving permits are available to keep people driving. This is not the case for drivers under the age of 21. Those convicted of an under 21 DUI face a one year or longer license suspension with no limited permits generally available.

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