Fulton County DUI Trials

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Fulton County State Court is the jury trial court for Fulton County, GA misdemeanor offenses. So if you find yourself charged with a DUI by a state trooper, city of Atlanta police officer, or any officer from any city within Fulton County, and you want a jury trial, you will be in Fulton County State Court. Unfortunately, for those charged with DUI, negotiation for a plea bargain is an uphill battle in Fulton County State Court. The Fulton Co. DUI prosecuting attorneys work under an elected Solicitor General. And in DUI, maybe even more so than any other offense in the state of Georgia, politics play a big role. The DUI prosecuting lawyers don't want to appear "light" on DUI, so they are not authorized to reduce DUI cases to reckless driving in most instances. This means that there are a lot of DUI trials in Fulton County.

A good Fulton County DUI lawyer will file motions on your behalf to acquire all evidnce. You will review the police reports and any audio or video recordings with your Fulton DUI lawyer well in advance of trial. In many cases, the arresting DUI officer has the driver take field sobriety tests. Poor performance on these tests can be due to nerves, sleepiness, or medicals problems / conditions. Usually, the DUI officers don't take this into account, but a good DUI defense lawyer will. This can be explained to the jury at trial. There may also be a breath test to deal with. If there are breath test results that are over the limit, there are many arugments that can be made to either keep them out or explain why they are unreliable.

If you are facing a Fulton County DUI, call our DUI attorneys today. We help clients negotiate plea bargains and take many cases to trial for those who want to beat their charges. Call as soon as possible following your DUI arrest to have the best opportunity to preserve evidence and keep your license. Our Fulton DUI lawyers are available for free consultations 7 days a week.

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