What is a DUI Motion to Suppress?

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In Decatur, GA in DeKalb County, DUI prosecuting attorneys are tough on DUI. Many of those charged with DUI are under the mistaken assumption that it is easy to get a DUI charge reduced to Reckless Driving or just thrown out. Not the case in DeKalb County. The DUI prosecuters rarely reduce a DUI charge and take the attitude that they would rather go to trial and lose then dismiss a DUI. It all goes back to politics and they don't want to be the ones who look like they take it easy on DUI offenders. They want to be tough on DUI. This is a problem for those who are wrongfully charged, and Decatur, GA and DeKalb County police officers unjustly charge people with DUI all the time.

In the defense strategy to attack a DUI charge, a good DUI lawyer will file a Motion to Suppress. Typically, after a DUI arraignment, but before a trial calendar, a DeKalb County State Court Judge will hear the Motion. In a Motion to Suppress, a DeKalb County DUI lawyer will attempt to have evidence - like the breath test results or proof of the breath test refusal - excluded from the trial. Winning a DUI motion to suppress will not win the case or make the charge be dismissed automatically, but it is a key step in many cases. This just makes sense - in a case where the breath test is the strongest evidence against a DUI Defendant, having that evidence be excluded from trial will make the state's case a lot more difficult to win.

Motions to Suppress are legal arguments. Talk to our winning DeKalb DUI lawyers today to discuss using one in your case. Our office is open 24/7, so call our DeKalb DUI attorneys now. The DUI lawyers at our firm have years experience getting our clients the best possible results in their DeKalb County DUI cases.

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