Atlanta Principal Charged with DUI; Hit and Run

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In the early morning areas of December 21, an Atlanta area Assitant Principal was arrested by a DUI officer with the Georgia State Troopers for driving under the influence ( DUI ), hit and run, leaving the scene of accident, running a red light, failing to maintain her lane and for driving without her headlights on.

According to reports, Tanisha Rodgers Thomas was driving in Douglas County, GA when she crossed over the center line of the road and struck another vehicle. The DUI officer stated that Ms. Thomas then continued to drive (thereby leaving the scene of the accident in violation of Georgia law) and contined driving. She then allegedly ran a red light and struck another vehicle. Per DUI arrest reports, she again left the scene of the accident. The Georgia State Patrol is reporting that she then hit a curb, ran her vehicle off the roadway and crashed into a fire hydrant.

One of the motorists in a car that was involved in the incident is claiming serious injury to his shoulder. Principal Thomas has returned to her job at Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta, one of Atlanta's Public Schools. A spokesperson on behalf of Atlanta Public Schools stated that an employee is not required to report charges for offenses like DUI or hit and run to the school board, only convictions. As the case is still pending in Fulton County courts, Principal Thomas is allowed to work in the interim.

It is true that an arrest does not have to be a conviction. Innocent people are charged with crimes in Georgia all the time. No one has to plead guilty and everyone has the right to a trial on even the smallest traffic offenses like speeding or running a red light. Of course, the stakes are much higher for convictions for DUI and hit and run offenses. Both carry with them a stigma as well as jail time, probation, and loss of one's license or driving rights.

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