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DUI arrests are up throughout the state of Georgia and in the north Georgia counties of White, Dawson, and Lumpkin. In addition to local state and county police officers from the City of Cleveland, White Co, City of Dahlonega, etc., state troopers working for the Georgia Department of Public Safety patrol the highways looking for DUI drivers. Any minor traffic offense - even things as minor as windows tinted too dark, a tag light violation, or no seatbelt can lead to an officer stopping your vehicle and then beginning a DUI investigation. They will usually ask you a series of questions about where you were and what you had to drink. Then you will more than likely be asked to submit to field sobriety evaluations. These field tests are voluntary and they can be used against you in the court of law. Often, especially when a GA trooper or DUI task force officer makes the stop, they video tape you while you do their tests. Tasks such as walking on a line and standing on one foot for thirty seconds are hard to do under even the best circumstances, and if you are cold, tired, nervous etc., a good performance is impossible. That is even true if you just happen to not have the best balance in the world. The DUI officer doesn't know you and can't compare you to how you would normally act.

If you are charged with a White County or Dawson County DUI, give our office a call. North Georgia prosecutors are tough on DUI offenders - even if you have a clean record. Judges in Lumpkin County, White County, and Dawson County courts can be tough sentencers with high fines and jail time. If you want the best results on your DUI case, call our DUI lawyers today for a free case evaluation.

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