Georgia State Trooper Fired After DUI Arrest

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Just three months after completing training school, a Georgia State Trooper was terminated and faces a DUI charge. Deionte Marlon McAllister of Suwanee, Georgia graduated last Veteran's Day with a class of 24 other troopers in the 98th Trooper School. McAllister, 24, was assigned to Forest Park after 1,500 hours in training with the academy. Troopers receive an intensive 12-week field training, in addition to 18 weeks in the academy. The comprehensive training includes driving, defensive tactics, vehicle stops, Spanish, criminal law and criminal procedure, firearms, accident investigation, and child passenger safety technician certification. The de facto motto of McAllister's class became “Stay Strong, Push Hard and Lead Well.”

According to the incident report, a state trooper evidently stumbled on a confrontation between McAllister's Ford Crown Victoria and a Mustang around 3 am on January 28th. While heading south on Peachtree Road in Atlanta, the trooper noticed McAllister's vehicle stopped in the right turn lane with the engine revving. The vehicle lurched forward twice while the back tires spun. The Mustang facing McAllister's vehicle likewise revved its engine, although it wasn't moving recklessly according to the trooper. Michael Norman, the front seat passenger in McAllister's vehicle, hung out the window up to his hips without his seatbelt fastened as he shouted at the Mustang. The right rear passenger, Craig Wright, opened his door mid-lurch, apparently with the intent to talk to the passengers in the Mustang.

Shortly afterward the trooper initiated a traffic stop after observing McAllister's vehicle following another too closely. When asked for his license, McAllister also offered his state trooper badge. The trooper explained the reasoning for the stop, and McAllister asserted that everyone had been wearing a seatbelt. During the conversation, the officer reported that he could "smell the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage" on McAllister's breath, describing his eyes as “watery and bloodshot” and his speech slow. McAllister admitted to visiting a pair of bars in Buckhead, stating he'd drank three Guinness beers, the first being at 1 am and the last being at 2:30 am. A field sobriety test was conducted and McAllister complied in all respects. The officer described his behavior as withdrawn and polite. In the back seat of the cruiser, McAllister complained that his cuffs were too tight; the trooper was reportedly able to place a finger between cuff and wrist comfortably. At the Atlanta Pre-trial Jail, McAllister showed a small abrasion from the cuff on his wrist. BAC tests were run; the lowest reading was a .125.

His chain of command was alerted. The Georgia Department of Public Safety gave a statement on Monday announcing McAllister's termination from his post.

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