How Does A DUI Affect A Medical License?

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One of the first questions that runs through a professional's mind when charged with a DUI: how will this affect my career? A number of professionals require special licenses to work in their respective fields, and are naturally inquisitive as to what threat a DUI could pose to said license. Medical professionals have much at stake if their medical license is threatened - years of energy and funds poured into medical school, their credible reputation as a healthcare provider, their future job prospects. If you are a medical professional and have been charged with driving under the influence, do not play with the future of your career. Retain an experienced, aggressive attorney as soon as possible to review your charges and prepare your defense that will be presented in court. Skilled legal representation can be the difference between a conviction and tossed charges - or the difference between your continued career in medicine or its cessation. No case is hopeless.

Recently, pathologist Gary Alan Walters was convicted of DUI and now faces disciplinary action from the Medical Board of California. Walters operated Microcorre Diagnostic Laboratories, which held a contract with Tulare County to conduct medical inspections, full autopsies, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome cases, homicides, suicides and other cases with no medical history/other pathology services. The $264,000 contract was meant to only last until 2013, but was extended by the county to 2017. Walter was arrested under suspicion of DUI in March 2016. According to the incident report, Walter's Cadillac Escalade hit a parked car at a downtown intersection in the early morning. Police reported a "faint odor" of alcohol on Walter's breath; he failed field sobriety tests and blew a .19.

Walter is a member of the TRMC medical executive committee, its vice chief of staff as well as being a staff member of TRMC since 1984. The Medical Board has filed an accusation of misconduct against Walter for his DUI conviction, which state code says constitutes unprofessional conduct by a medical professional. Accusations are drafted in the state attorney general's office and go through several administrative steps. The public affairs manager for the board said it could be several weeks before a hearing is scheduled. The Visalia Daily Times reports "Walter's license to practice medicine could be suspended or revoked. Most likely, though, if the accusation is upheld he will be placed on probation. The Medical Board's most recent annual report says 30 of 43 cases involving drug or alcohol abuse resulted in probation with practice uninterrupted."

DUIs are a serious matter and have the potential for professional repercussions if convicted. The best preventative measure against letting a DUI take a toll on your career is to secure the services of an accomplished DUI attorney versed in the laws of your county. If you are a medical professional and have been accused of driving under the influence of Georgia, you probably fear the effects it may have on your career or the punitive action that may be taken by your higher ups. Do not hesitate to contact skilled Georgia DUI attorney Richard Lawson as soon as possible to discuss the particulars of your case.

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