What You Need To Know About DUI Spring Break Arrests

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This month, college revelers will arrive at Spring Break destinations around the country in droves. One may suspect that this week of hedonism brings a storm of alcohol-related incidents and charges, and they would be right. Between underage drinking, public intoxication, possession of alcohol or drugs, fake ID use and DUIs, Spring Break is a behemoth of booze and drug-related charges. It can be a colossal inconvenience for overworked college students who sought to unwind and rest, only to find themselves arrested. Spring breakers would be wise to keep the following tips for each situation in mind:

DUI Stops

You are of course advised to avoid driving at all costs if you have been drinking. Designate a sober driver; drink only if you plan to stay where you are. Keep your keys out of reach or in the possession of a sober friend. This is stock advice and more or less common knowledge, but the fact of the matter is, accidents happen. Furthermore, people end up in circumstances they did not expect to be in, especially during the chaotic week of Spring Break. With these things in mind, here is what you should know if you are stopped on suspicion of drunk driving during Spring Break in Georgia.

You are not legally required to answer any of the policeman's questions. You are only required to show your license and registration when prompted. Be courteous, mostly quiet, and try to have your documents ready before the policeman arrives at your window. Law enforcement will more than likely be on the offensive during Spring Break, probably anticipating to make lots of arrests and citations. If you are charged with drunk driving during Spring Break, you may be scared that it will affect enrollment, Greek Life, any scholarships you have, your on-campus residence or your academics as a whole, as well as future job prospects. Do not let a Spring Break DUI jeopardize everything you have been working for in school and all that will come after you graduate.

There are myriad defenses and legal avenues to explore if you have been charged with drunk driving over Spring Break. The critical first step is hiring a Georgia DUI lawyer to scrutinize and fight your charges. With over two decades of experience in DUI litigation, Georgia DUI Attorney Richard Lawson is ready to aggressively uphold your rights in court. Contact his office as soon as possible for a free consultation.

Minor in Possession of Alcohol

Possession of alcohol seems relatively straightforward. If you are seen by law enforcement holding or drinking alcohol, it may seem like there is no away around the charge once sighted. In Georgia, minors who are discovered with alcohol in their possession will have their driver's license suspected, regardless of whether or not they ever got behind the wheel. Nevertheless, there are many defenses to this charge. Contact skilled Georgia DUI Lawyer Richard Lawson to review your charges, fight your license suspension and be present at your license suspension hearings.

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